VRiddhi Introduction Video

Advantages of VRiddhi

Faster Estimation

Software is designed such that any person with basic machining knowledge can make estimates faster. 
With Databse integration you will have all the information located at a single place reducing time to get information

Material Cost

Calculate accurate material cost required for manufacturing with proper markup and scrap recovery.
We work on the principle of gross input weight and all the cost of rejection and other variables are well built in the software.

Cycle Time

Calculate exact machining time estimates using our cut length calculator.
You can also select the tool path strategy you use on shop floor to get accurate cycle time.

Non Machining Cost

VRiddhi estimates non machining cost and other cost additions as required during manufacturing.
The Setup cost covers the costing for weight, unit, area, volume, per batch etc.

Unlimited Database

VRiddhi is designed to add millions of record without hampring the speed of the functioning of the software.
The Database helps in arranging the information in much better way

Detailed Analysis

VRiddhi Provides you with Detailed analysis of the estimate and provides you the power during negotiations to take quick decisions.
With this feature you can also plan your cost reduction ​strategy 

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