Costing Features

The Setup (Process) is suitable to take care of cost of other cost heads which is apart from Machining Time Working.
You Can setup costing based on weight, Length, Area, Volume, Cost per Peice or Cost per Batch
See the Setup Video to know more on this feature

We have covered the following operations (almost 30) in the respective Machines as below:

Turning, Sub Spindle Lathe, Turn Mill and Sub Spindle Turn mill
Facing, Face Grooving, Straight Turning, Taper Turning, Counter Turning, Grooving, Parting, Barfeed, Burnishing, Knurling, Threading

Face/End Milling, Slot, Pocket (Round, Rectangle), Boss (Round, Rectangle)
(These operations are available on Turn mill and Sub Turn mill machines)

Grinding both Circular and Surface
Flat, Internal Grinding and Exterior Grinding

Shaping or Planer Flat area

Sawing (Hacksaw/Bandsaw)
Sawing Operation

Hole Machining Operations
Drilling, Reaming, Boring, Burnishing, Tapping
(These operations are available on Turn mill and Sub Turn mill machines)

Operation Strategies

We all use Canned Cycle and/or sub-program for programming and the cycle time depends on the cycle and strategy we use.  For example a G71 cycle and G72 cycle will give different cycle time for the same operation.
We have Built this in the estimation so that you can use the actual shop floor program in your estimation.
Apart from operations strategy we have also build the Limit RPM so that you could calculate the real time been used to make these parts.  
See Operations Videos to understand this feature in details.
The use of Efficiency and Mark-up cost will help you to estimate correctly and with confidence. 
To understand this see the Operation videos.